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Maja & Dominique / SY Yemayá



Maja & Dominique / SY Yemayá

My Boat


SY Yemayá

Year Build



Laurin Koster L32

Our Story

Yemayá is a Laurin Koster L32 with long keel, built in Malmö, Sweden, in 1964. We found her in Sweden a few years ago where she was hold and very well maintained by its Swedish pre-owner with whom she has already sailed around the world. With an overall length of 10.80m and a width of 2.88m, she is pretty small for two people but somehow we will cope with it :).

Right now, she is waiting to be finished for our start to our circumnavigation in August 2018. There are still a few reparations and upgrades to do.

About Me

Year Born



When we, that’s Maja (1984, from Zurich, Switzerland) and Dominique (1988, from Eschen, Liechtentsein) first met in Australia, we very quickly started to talk about our passion for anything linked to water. So Maja learned that Dominique’s childhood dream is to sail around the world, and Dominique learned that Maja has been sailing on lakes from a very young age but stopped as a teenager.

Again very quickly, the decision to sail around the world as a team was taken, and we started to plan. Since then, we have been preparing ourselves and the boat for the big trip while we were still working and studying. Dominique worked in an insurance company in Liechtenstein and is about to finish his Bachelor in Economics in Zurich,.Maja worked as a film production manager in the Swiss film industry and has only recently finished her last project which has been shot in Borneo, Indonesia.

Now, we are very excited to finally start in Saint-Raphaël at the Côte d’Azur in France in August 2018. From there, we will sail to the Canary Islands, cross the Atlantic, enjoy the Caribbean, pass through the Panama Canal, visit Galapagos, then the South Pacific Islands, head for Australia, cross the Pacific Ocean, sail around the Cape of Good Hope, and return to the Mediterranean Sea via Brazil, the Bahamas and the Azores.

During our journey, we will blog on our website and Facebook/Instagram @syyemaya. Our goal is to produce a documentary about the whole circumnavigation, once we are back in two to three years – or from wherever we get stuck ;).

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