Wooden Dinghy Restoration - Full Rebuild of a Pirate Class Sailing Dinghy

Wooden Dinghy Restoration – Bringing a Wreck Back to Life

Pirate Class Wooden Dinghy Restoration

​Many people dream of owning a classic wooden boat. The following article on the restoration of a wooden dinghy shows that ​if you ​go small, this dream is actually quite affordable. You will have to ​invest some serious time, but the result is well worth it.


​About the Wooden Pirate Dinghy Class

​The Pirate is a dinghy class that had a huge success in Germany. Since the 1930s, more than 6.000 boats of this class have been build. While ​Pirate-class dinghies in perfect sailing condition are ​not particularly cheap, there are many boats in need of restoration one can get for very little money or even for free.

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​This made the pirate a perfect candidate for boat building apprentice Lennard Voigt. He was looking for a dinghy restoration project to do on the side. In 2005 he found​​​​ his boat: a wooden pirate build in 1962. Although he knew it would be a lot of work, it took even longer than expected. He put in a total of 520 hours, mostly on weekends and during after-work hours. ​Even though it took him more than two years to get sailing again, he states that it was totally worth it.

We agree on that, but look for yourself.

​Restoring the Deck

Re​building the Dinghy ​Below the Waterline

​Rebuilding the Centerboard Case

Varnishing after the Rebuild

Refloating the Wooden Dinghy

​Do you also have a story to tell about a dinghy restoration? Or any other refit or rebuild project? Please let us know in the comments or write us a message. Maybe we can also feature your project on BosunsBox.com...


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