Wooden Boat Sound Effect - Bring the Sound of Your Boat Back Home

Wooden Boat Sound Generator

Wooden Boat Sound Generator

​Trouble falling asleep? Unable to focus at work? Or just dreaming of ​being out on the water? Try out this wonderful wooden boat sound generator.


​For ​most ​boaters and sailors there is no better place to relax than on board of their boat. The slight rocking motion, accompanied by the subtle sounds of waves and wind. You hear a line creaking and a piece of canvas flapping in the wind. If ​you are on a wooden boat, there is always the squeaking of planks.

​Wooden Boat Sounds at Home

​While it is hard to simulate the rocking motions at home, there is now an amazing online tool that does just that for the sounds on board. You can adjust the sliders to hear more or less wave ripple or wood noises. More ocean rumble or more wind noises.

Noise Generator for Wooden​ Boats

I have used the sound generator both for work (for example while writing this article) and for falling asleep. You should definitely try it out. For example right now by opening it in a new browser tab. ​What could be better than wooden boat sounds in the background when reading articles on BosunsBox.com...

Do you know another ​good website​, tool, or video for boaters or sailors? Write it in the comments below, maybe we can write an article about it...


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