Universal Socket put to the test - The Perfect Tool on Board Your Boat?

Universal Socket – One Tool to Replace them All?

universal socket on a boat

​Wouldn't it be great to replace all the heavy and expensive sockets in your tool box by a single little item? Advertising videos for ​universal ​sockets claim exactly this. But do the promises hold? We tried a universal ​socket ​regarding its usability on board a boat.


​After stumbling upon the following video, I was wondering if the socket shown might be a useful addition to my tool box on board. I did not like the aggressive voice and the way it was promoted, but the universal socket in itself looked quite interesting.

​Video Ad for a Universal Socket

​So I decided to give it a try and buy one for myself. There was not much to loose, as these ​sockets ​are quite cheap on Amazon. While the video  above ​presents ​a universal socket by Gator Grip, I actually got mine from DrillPro, which was even cheaper but had similar reviews. ​Meanwhile, there are also other manufacturers whose products got even better ratings.

Universal Socket Packaging

This is how I received the socket. I can't wait to give it a try

​My Review of the Universal Socket

​Here I will show you some pictures of my experience with the universal socket so far. In general I am quite impressed on how well it grips to most nuts and hooks. It has a clear limitation regarding the size of the nuts though. While it seems much more solid and durable than I expected, I still would not use it under heavy load. In this case, a proper socket in the right size or a wrench ​would be the right way to go.

​So far I had the bit on board for one season and it has lasted quite well. I did not use it under harsh conditions though, so I can't tell (yet) how it deals with salt spray and the generally wet climate on board a boat. While I would not want to ​trade any of the "real" tools in my boat's toolbox for it, it is a great little helper to keep next to the companionway. Whenever there is a loose bolt or anything I want to screw back in, the universal socket comes in handy. I will not have to go through my toolbox to find the right sized socket anymore.

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