Restoring a Wooden Boat - Film "Faber Navalis" Shows Art of Boatbuilding
Restoring a Wooden Boat - Scene from

Wooden Boat Restoration – Tribute to an Art Form

​For many people, wooden boats ​are more than just dead trees. They have a soul to them and, like a living organism, keep their character even if parts are renewed over time. ​Today we present to you a wonderful film about restoring of a wooden boat.


Restoring a Wooden Boat - A Visual Tribute

​We show you the 30-Minute documentary film made by Maurizio Borriello, an Italian anthropologist and boat builder. In slow, mesmerizing images, the film shows how he Maurizio single-handedly replaces a plank in a wooden ship on a boat yard in Norway. ​The ​boat is listed historical maritime treasure by the Norwegian Directorate for Cultural Heritage. 

Maurizio fitting a plank

Maurizio fitting a plank

​Maurizio ​is an independent researcher in cultural anthropology. He is fascinated by boat building technology in coastal communities and the transmission of the corresponding knowledge. In his movie, he ​and the boat are the sole actors and the deep connection between the two becomes apparent ​from the first minute on. 

The name of the film, "Faber Navalis" is Latin for boat builder. ​Maurizio ​​made his first experiences in wooden boat building in South-East Asia during ​research project in marine ethnography. He then worked as an apprentice boat builder in Asia as well as Scandinavia and the Mediterranean. Since four years, he works at ​a maritime museum in Norway on the restoration of wooden boats. This is where he produced this wonderful documentary.

​Take some time, sit back, and enjoy!

​Please don't ​watch the film on your phone while commuting to work. Instead, make a good cup of tea or pour yourself a whiskey. Then sit back and enjoy the film on a big screen. There is no better way to appreciate someone else's work!

And maybe (just maybe) it makes you want to go ahead and start restoring a wooden boat for yourself. (I would suggest you to start with a smaller one though...)


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