How to Paint your Boat - Application of Interlux Perfection 2-Part Paint

How to Apply Interlux Perfection 2-Part Paint

Interlux Perfection application

Want to get a brand-new looking boat? ​In this tutorial we show you how to paint your ​boat with the 2-part ​Interlux Perfection system. The paint can be applied to all fiberglass surfaces and even to wood, steel and aluminum if you prepare it right.


​In the article, we show you ​how to prepare fiberglass surfaces for the application of the ​Interlux Perfection paint and how to apply both the undercoat and the ​topside paint in a DIY ​kind of environment. (Note that outside of the US, the paint is sold under the brand "International Perfection". The instructions stay the same.) This means that everything we show here can be done in your basement or right on your boat, as we do not rely on professional equipment such as ​paint sprayers.

Here is what you need to get ​going:

​Why choose ​Interlux Perfection?

​While the described procedure certainly works just as well with other brands of 2-part paints, I decided to go for the ​Interlux Perfection paint system for the following reasons:

  • ​the 2-part paint is very durable against abrasion
  • the system is relatively easy to apply even for beginners (if you closely follow the instructions)
  • the paint is of high quality and the producer, Akzo Nobel has over a century of experience with boat paints

While there are certainly cheaper paints on the market, I personally prefer to be on the safe side. ​Keeping in mind the number of hours it takes to apply the paint, I'd rather not ha​ve to do it again due to bad pquality.


​Follow these instructions at your own risk. Always wear protective gear and be careful around chemicals. We are not responsible for any mistakes in this description. When in doubt, refer to the manuals and safety instructions at the manufacturer's website.

​Preparing the Surfaces

​Before you can apply any paint you have to properly prepare the surfaces. Remember that a good result depends 80% on the preparation and only 20% on the actual application of the paint! Make sure that all (deck) hardware is removed, that the surfaces are wiped down with turpentine and properly sanded. Small dents should be filled with epoxi-filler.

​Applying ​Interlux Perfection Undercoat

Once your surfaces are well prepared we will get to the fun part: the first coat of paint. When you mix the two parts of the Undercoat, keep in mind th​e 3:1 ratio. (This is different from the topside paint!) After mixing, let the paint sit for a minute so that air bubbles have time to pop out. This minute is a good time to give your prepared surfaces a final wipe-down with a tack cloth to remove all remaining dust.

Now you can apply the undercoat-paint. Make sure to keep the layer thin and evenly distributed. Corners and details are best painted with a brush, large areas with the foam roll. Even though this step is most crucial for the top coat, it does not hurt to even out the paint with a foam brush. Keep in mind that you only have a limited time (depending on the temperatures) until the paint gets too stiff to properly run. Don't try to paint too large of an area ​in one batch!

In case something goes wrong or you spill some paint: While it is still wet you can wipe it off with some ​Interlux Thinner No. 9.

​Application of the Perfection Topside Paint

​After one or two ​layers of Undercoat, we can now move to the ​Interlux Perfection Topside paint. Before you start it is a good idea to lightly sand the surface to remove any unevenness in the undercoat. Then wipe down the surfaces with turpentine.

The procedure for the Topside paint is very similar to the step above with the exception that you now have to stick to a 2:1 ratio of the two parts. Also by now you should start fairing the surface with a foam brush after each coat to get a smooth and pristine finish.

Depending on the use case, you should apply 2-3 coats of the Topside paint.

​Congratulations! If you followed these steps closely, you should now have a brand new looking boat (or whatever you have painted).

If you have any questions or suggestions on how to improve this tutorial, please leave a comment below!


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