Celtic Heart Knot (Knot of Love) - How to Tie a Knot Necklace for Sailors

The Knot of Love: Celtic Heart Knot

By Jan C. Athenstädt / a couple of years ago
Celtic Heart Knot

Even though sailors are renown to be tough guys, most of them do have a romantic side. Why else would the Celtic Heart Knot exist? The decorative knot, also know as "knot of love" is the perfect maritime ​gift for Valentine's Day. For both male and female sailors...


Whether you tie it for Valentine's Day or Mother's Day: There are no limits for the uses of this knot to show your love. It looks good as bracelet, necklace or as decoration on a flower pot. The only drawback of the heart knot is that it needs some adjustments until it is properly put into shape. If you want to prevent it from distorting just dip it into varnish to stabilize its shape.

​How to tie the Heart Knot?

​A nice way to use the knot is to make a necklace out of it:

heart knot necklace

Celtic Heart Knot as necklace

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