Foiling Optimist - How the Flying Optimist on Foils was Build

Foiling Optimist – How to Make a Dinghy Fly

By Jan C. Athenstädt / a couple of years ago
Foiling Optimist

​Is it possible to ​build an Optimist on foils? The tiny dinghy is one of the the most popular sail boats in the world. However, it was not known to be particularly fast. At least not until the foiling Optimist came along.


​When the following video got viral among sailors in social networks, many ​believed it ​to be an April’s fool. After all, the Optimist dinghy was originally designed 1947 ​and is mostly used as sail training boat for children. It is actually considered the slowest dinghy in the world according to the​​ Yardstick scheme​.

So what’s the secret of the foiling Optimist in comparison to its slow siblings? It can probably be summarized in one word: high tech. The boat was built in Sweden by Chalmers University and the boat building experts from SSPA​ using state of the art technology. Here we show the building process of the foiling optimist.

​Building the Foiling Optimist

​The ​foiling optimist is nothing that ​you can easily build at home. However, it is interesting to see how the frontier of what is possible​ is extended by ​using of modern technology and materials. And who knows? Maybe one day you can get a DIY kit to build your own optimist on foils…

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