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Foiling Optimist – How to Make a Dinghy Fly

By Jan C. Athenstädt / last year

​Is it possible to ​build an Optimist on foils? The tiny dinghy is one of the the most popular sail boats in the world. However, it was not known to be particularly fast. At least not until the foiling Optimist came along. More… ​When the following video got viral among sailors in social networks, many […]


DIY Submarine – Built at Home

By Jan C. Athenstädt / a couple of years ago

​Building a steel boat is a major project that would overwhelm most people​. But compared to the endeavor of building a submarine, building a “normal” boat ​ seems like a piece of cake. But then there are people ​like Holger Vieth who don’t just dream about building a DIY submarine.